Versatile,elegant,practical paving Paving can be one of the most expensive items of a design. The stone and tray drain covers for this garden in my portfolio were sourced from  London Stone Company

Self watering planters
One of the most common problem with planters is that we forget to water them. Planters also dry out more quickly than plants in the borders. This clever product from Lechuza is self watering and has a water level indicator. Perfect for the busy person.

Attractive drain covers
Ugly drain covers can spoil the most beautiful garden design. Clients often spend thousands on gorgeous paving and neglect the appearance of the drains surrounding the paving. Channel drains made beautiful by Lateral Design Studio solve this problem.

Eco friendly decking
This high end eco- friendly decking material is wood and pvc free. It is ultra elegant, waterproof and
low maintenance and ticks all the boxes for a high quality product.Esthec was exhibiting at The Landscape Show.

Clips for hanging baskets and pots which require no drilling Clipnhang were exibiting at the RHS Chelsea flower show this year. The product is perfect for people in rental properties and those who don’t want to drill into posts or walls.