Full Garden Design


All gardens require a survey before any design work can commence. This ensures that the garden is drawn to scale and minimises errors at the construction stage. If the garden is too large or complex, a professional surveyor will be recommended.

Design Work

An individualised, detailed outline plan of the design is drawn using the survey information. The outline plan will show how all the soft and hard landscape elements will work together in relation to the existing space.

Once the outline plan has been approved by the client, a planting plan is designed.

Any necessary building specification documents and construction drawings are drawn up too, if required.


Suitable for:

  • Complete garden makeovers
  • Large and small spaces
  • Projects where liaison with a landscaper, electricians etc. is required
  • Assisting landscapers to quote for materials
  • Clients who require a project manager to oversee the build of the garden

Not suitable for:

  • Advice for a small plant border
  • Providing ideas without a scaled drawing
  • Low budgets