Garden Maintenance Schedules


We are proud to provide Garden maintenance schedules.

Berrie Garden Design has linked up with  to provide garden maintenance
schedules for clients.All the names of the plants in your garden are put into a software programme developed
by  .This allows you to receive information on a monthly basis about how to look
the plants in your garden. Contact us if you would like this programme to be set up for you or if you require
more information. Clients who have found it useful are often new to gardening or have moved into a new house.
Here is a testimonial from one of our clients:

“We recently moved in to our new house from living in a flat. We were really happy that we had a garden but had no idea about plants and the maintenance of them! It was all quite daunting as it was a fairly mature garden and didn’t want ruin what was already in place but wanted to know how to look after them and also what would be good plants to get from certain areas of the garden.

Inge from Berrie Garden Design has a fab maintenance schedule package. She came to our house, looked at both our front and back garden, took photos of all flowers/plants/trees and as we walked around the garden gave us advice and tips on what we should do and also what plants wouldn’t grow in certain places due to the position of them in the garden. Inge then went away and added all our plants with photos to a maintenance schedule explaining what to do each month as well as other pants that would complement what we already have and to our style.
We can certainly say that we are loving having a garden and feeling confident in maintaining the plants. We have already planted a few new plants and can’t wait to see the results next year! We would really recommend Inge’s maintenance schedule.” Hannah 10.09.14