Plant Design Service

You may be pleased with the existing design of your garden, but not with the types of plants. A planting plan without the need for a full design service may be a cost effective solution.

Planting plans are designed to create a harmonious design which meets the needs and planting skill of the client. The planting design aims to provide the garden with interest all year round or at a particular time of the year. Planting design complements and enhances the overall  appearance of the garden. It also takes into account the type of soil and the aspect of the garden.

A survey (measuring up) of the area is carried out and the plant design is created with the correct quantity of plants including their Latin names.

Suitable for:

  • Gardens where there will be no change to the shape of the garden.
  • Clients who are replanting an area and need to know the exact quantity of plants.
  • Clients who need to know how to optimise the positioning of plants.
  • Clients who want to fill in gaps in the plant borders.
  • Large and small spaces

Not suitable for:

  • A garden makeover
  • Gardens which need a change in the shape of the borders or hard landscaping.