Large contemporary family garden

The brief for this acre garden was a complete redevelopment of the garden. The mature laurels, rhododendrons and mature trees were the only elements of the garden which were retained.

The image shows how the entrance to the house was developed. The contemporary style inside the house was copied outside in the garden and sharp neat lines were created with the smooth paving, standard bay trees and large white cobbles under the bay trees. The simple lines were highly effective in creating a grand entrance to this spectacular house. The planting in the rest of the garden was softer, and complemented the strong contemporary hard landscape design.

The focal point in the design of the back garden was this beautiful, elegant koi pond which enclosed part of the large  patio. The photos show the newly planted borders with strong architectural planting. The planting was  in progress at this stage as the design awaited the introduction of 5 evergreen Loquat trees around the pond.